Pillars for Living

September 29, 2016


At Coaches Corner, life is about quality and maintaining a fulfilled balance in all the areas in which we devote time and energy.  These Pillars for Living are based on for basic principles that come from years of research and practice in the fields of holistic health, spirituality, career, leadership, and financial goals, self-help guidance, and well-being.  The pillars represent the sum of all areas of life essentials.


Life Balance describes the foundational methods by which we create happiness and joy in our lives and how to live deliberately with purpose and focus, openness and grace.  It is focused on the self and how to be at our best in life.  Areas of life balance include quality of life and lifestyle, spiritual development and mindful meditation, and personal development through self-improvement.

Health & Wellness focuses on the physicals aspects of life.  It includes improving the functioning of our bodies, and having a nutritious diet and works for our body type, as well as maintaining a healthy connection with our environments.  You will find coaches in this area for:  exercise, healthy aging, nutrition, vegan diet, weight-loss, and much more.

Relationships is the pillar of life in which all of our human interactions flow.  Our interpersonal communications and interactions with others provide an essential need to feel connected, loved, and secure in life.  Relationship coaching is about improving your social senses and building more harmony with those around you.  Areas of application include:   couples coaching, teen coaching, leadership and team coaching with co-workers, marital coaching and communications.

Money and Career describes the area of life that provide the means by which we improve our knowledge and skills in our profession or in developing a new area of life.  Perhaps you want to discover your true calling or you’ve always wanted to be your own boss.  Career coaches help you discover your potential, and overcome the barriers that may be holding you back.  Financial coaches help you to manage your finances so that the money you earn works for you.  Whether your goal is to build wealth, get rid of debt, or simply manage your daily spending, you can find the right coach here.

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